Tips for a successful telehealth session:

  • Check your internet connection prior to your session.  You may need to move closer to your wifi or hotspot on a computer for greater success. 
  • Your firewall or antivirus may block camera and/or microphone access for certain websites.  Check your setting prior to your session.
  • Clearing your internet search history and cookies can increase your working memory thus your success with a video session.
  • Wearing headphones while on video conference calls will increase your confidentiality so others in your house cannot hear as much.  It will also decrease ambient echo in your room on the other end.
  • Choose your spot carefully.  If you are concerned about others hearing your call in your house, consider moving to other areas.  Clients have found sitting in their cars or even a closet (as long as your lighting is good) have been very effective at accomplishing privacy, decreasing echo, and creating a safe place to talk.
  • The session works best if the camera is at your eye level.  Books under a laptop may help to adjust a fixed camera on a device.
  • Lighting is very helpful if it it behind your device, facing you,  If the primary light source is behind you, you will be in a shadow on camera
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Beginning in March 2020, Heidi now offers both in person sessions as well as telehealth or teletherapy (video and audio therapies) in response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic.  All sessions are conducted according to US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) guidelines and are HIPAA compliant.  Most third party payers (ie, insurance companies) are now allowing telehealth as a covered services.  Please check with your insurance for more information.

Heidi uses for teletherapy.  It works best on a device that supports either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.  However, it also works on most cellular phones and tablets.  You will need give permission to use your camera and microphone on your device.  It is advised that you test out your device prior to your session.