Evolution has installed phobias in humans that are proving hard to shake.  Read more here: 


Gary Chapman has some wonderful books and resources on how to be successful in any relationship.  You can also take his Love Language test to learn more about yourself by going here.

In 2016, I went to a continuing education event that talked about the relationship between what you eat and how you feel emotionally.  This was not a new concept for me, but one thing discussed was: that how people gain weight and thus need to lose weight may be dependent upon what is in your gut.  Where we may be headed in determining what to eat could be starting at the bottom.  Here is a recent article on that.

There are some key aspects to successful relationships.  One of those is forgiveness.  I've shared this video with many clients that discusses the power of forgiveness.


Today, we tend to turn to the internet more than trusted health professionals for information.  We all know that the web holds all kinds of information, some more helpful or reliable than others.  As such, Heidi updates this area with some useful links to trusted websites and articles that are of value to her clients.  They may be useful to you as well.

Here is a video that discusses human microbiomes more if you didn't get enough in the article.

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Darya Rose has a PhD in Neuroscience and understand the frustration of dieting.  You can read her blogs for free at Summer Tomato.  She also offers others services with a subscription.

Journaling your feelings may help before you take that test.  Researchers at Michigan State University did a study, published here, titled: "For worriers, expressive writing cools brain on stressful tasks." In ScienceDaily, 14 September 2017.