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  • Feelings of sadness and depression
  • Anxiety
  • Conflicted relationships
  • Recent major life transition
  • Difficulty balancing work and personal life
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Difficult work situation
  • Stress
  • Loss of Joy
  • Uncertainty about what to do

Serving Adults and Teens

HEIDI Naumowicz, lcsw, LLC

Psychotherapy, Coaching, and Organizational Consulting

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Heidi Naumowicz, LCSW  can help you:

  • Find more effective strategies
  • Resolve conflict
  • Rediscover what makes you happy
  • Weather the storm
  • Obtain contentment
  • Redefine who you are
  • Move beyond your frustrations
  • Establish healthier coping skills

Heidi  approaches each situation with a client individually.  She works with people to assess needs, develop a plan of action, and focus on areas which will achieve desired results quickly, and create momentum to resolve large issues. 

Difficult Roads can lead to Beautiful Destinations.

Heidi Naumowicz, LCSW
11187 Dundee Road, Suite 103
Huntley, IL 60142
(847) 287-6416
FAX (847) 984-9334

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